Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

​Precios 2021

Clases privadas​​:      $28   (media hora)

Clases grupales:       $24   ( 45 minutos)

​$34 ( una hora)

Clases  grupales  y TINY​​:      $19   (media hora)

Clases  no contrato :       $32    Pay as you go

Maximo 6 estudiantes por grupo



One make up lesson* per semester .

( if you call 24 hours before the lesson is cancel or postponed)

(* A make up lesson is a replacement class.)

No make up lessons are allowed if you call on the same day.

The make up lesson can be scheduled on Saturdays for 22-25 min or in a group of the same level and instrument.

There Is no make up of a make up class.

Arrive on time for your music lesson. There is not compensation of time if you are late.


Please: Do not park in front of neighbour's houses.

Do not park in front of the postal mail boxes.

COVID-19 recommendation: Keep a distance of 2 metres or 6 ft. away from people at the entrance, when you arrive to Drop/Pick up your



While in the school, In order to have a clean and nice environment, please check the following recommendations:


I will clean the keyboards between each class. It will take a minute break between classes.

I will keep hand sanitizers handy for your use.

The use of face mask is necessary but no mandatory, during our lesson ,we will try to have a minimal physical contact.


Please use the soap and water or sanitizer before class.

Please, bring your own toys or materials for siblings to enjoy while waiting, no share toys in the waiting room.

Place the shoes at the entrance ( don't go downstairs with your street shoes)

Use of socks are mandatory at all the times during lessons within the classroom.

Use the hangers at the entrance and waiting room for your coats and extra belongings.

Please clean any spills made during your stay.

You can use the microwave and table and please clean it after you use them.

The TV and DVD controls and movies are just for parents and adults to handle, please help your child to choose a movie, and place it

back to its case when done.

Before you go, check that your child has taken all his/her belongings (clothing, books and instrument)

Make sure that your child has flushed the toilet after use and clean any spill.

Please: Remind your child not to go upstairs or to the backyard without authorization.

Avoid running, jumping or screaming in the music school.


You authorize the use of pictures (photos) taken during classes, rehearsals, or concerts for posting them in the social media or for advertise


You can take pictures, notes and videos during classes and concerts.

Please ,look for, add and tag rinconmusicaldesandra on Facebook.


Practice at home is very important !

Please, talk with your child about a practice schedule of at least 5 - 10 minutes every day if he a is beginner

or 20 - 30 minutes ( or more ) if he has been learning the instrument for more than 2 years or when preparing for the Royal Conservatory of

Music (RCM) exams.

Divide the time of practice during the day and week, rather than practice everything in one day.

The benefits of music in the brain and body come with daily practice.

Besides the practice of the instrument, there are more exercises and theory requirements to achieve; therefore, your child will need your

help to go online and practice. The support of the parents is very important.

If your child wants a special song, let me know ahead of time ( at least 2 months ), so I can have the music ready for his level in the

instrument of choice.

A good quality musical instrument is necessary for your child to advance and sometimes he will need extra things like:

theory books, other instrument books, metronome, music stand, tuner, extra strings, instrument bag, a touch sensitive piano with 88 keys

and pedal, etc... please, start planning ahead to get those things, when you notice that your child is serious about learning to play an


Thank you for your support and help in keeping the music school in Harmony

Sandra Narvaez

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Rincon Musical de Sandra

Espacio creado para aprender música de forma amena,

familiar, en grupos o individualmente.


 Por medio de los juegos, la alegría, la diversión, la expresión corporal,

la notación musical, los instrumentos musicales,

musica clasica y mucho más,

los niños se van familiarizando con el mundo de la musica,

  se divierten en las clases, hacen nuevos amigos y disfrutan haciendo música.

Solo en español.

Las clases  son en el sotano de la casa



Rincon Musical de Sandra

Bridlewood, Calgary SW


        Texto:     Cell: 587 4325947


Sandra Narváez

Licenciada en música de la Universidad del Valle de Cali, Colombia.   
(Bmus 1999)

Profesora certificada del Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM)

( Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto)

Realiza estudios de violín en el Conservatorio Antonio María Valencia de Cali y en la Univalle

Estudiante de violin de los maestros rusos Tatiana Tchijova y Dmitri Petouhov.

Estudiante  de piano de el  Maestro  y compositor  caleño  Luis Carlos Figueroa

en la Universidad del Valle.

Participa en la orquesta Juvenil del conservatorio Antonio Ma. Valencia y

de la universidad del Cauca por varios años,  ademas de participar como segundo violin  con

la orquesta Sinfonica del Valle y de la Asociacion.

Asi  mismo participa como cantante soprano y contralto  de los coros de Coral Palestrina del conservatorio , coro de opera de la Univalle y Coro Martina de la ciudad de Cali.  

En Calgary,  ha sido profesora de violín, piano  y  guitarra a nivel privado y grupal en

la academia Sonata Yamaha y profesora de iniciación musical en  los colegios de Montessori, prescolares y dayhomes